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Blood Alcohol Testing (BAT)

The penalties in drunk driving cases are extremely complicated and take into account a great many factors and issues. In fact, DUI and DWI charges will be made against over 1.5 million drivers each year. Before pleading guilty though, an accused person should know everything they need to know about all their legal rights! Furthermore, there is a stringent set of penalty guidelines that must be followed. However, several aspects could change the outcome of the penalties in a DUI, particularly when it comes to the Blood Alcohol Count found in the accused. This is where the knowledgeable DWI attorneys at Straight DUI can help.

Blood Testing in Each State

In general, state laws control matters related to DUI and DWI arrests that involve blood tests. Each state has its own guidelines and dictates how and by whom a blood test is taken, transported, preserved, secured and analyzed. Laws that govern the collecting and testing of any substances taken from a person’s body, determine the proper methods implemented in each state.

Preferred Blood Analysis Testing

The preferred method of blood analysis used for exploring blood content levels is called “gas chromatography“ or “GC.“ This piece of equipment is capable of isolating and identifying a wide range of drugs, including alcohol. It does this is by matching the digitally produced peaks appearing on a graph-like sheet of computer paper and compares the subject’s blood sample. The blood test is used to determine if the BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) is greater than .08%. Expert DUI and DUI attorneys are aware that fighting blood tests can be easier than fighting breath tests. The reason being that blood samples are more difficult to track. In other words, if no admissible evidence is available, it is easier for an attorney to get an acquittal in the case of a DUI.

Let Straight DUI Work For You

Don’t take chances with your DUI. Contact Straight DUI to learn more. You may also e-mail us at ( immediately and let us go to work by investigating your case fully. We want to help you win your case.

About the DUI Attorneys at Straight DUI

The DUI lawyers at Straight DUI do everything they can to help you when it comes to DUI. To get you off, keep your record clean and prevent you from losing your license to drive, we start by believing that you shouldn’t have been arrested, so with that uppermost in our minds, we fight for you. When you place yourself in the hands of the knowledgeable DUI attorneys at, you know you will be treated fairly and will receive the best defense possible. We understand how important a good defense is to your case and so we do everything to protect your rights.Call us at 1 (877) 420-6719 and let us help.
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