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Why Do DUI Arrests Increase During the Holiday Season?

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By StraightDUI Staff on 12/27/2007

While it is the season to eat, drink and be merry, many people get caught up in the pressures of the holiday and don’t think about what they’re doing when they get behind the wheel of their cars after having too many drinks. Because their judgment is impaired, they think they can handle it, which is why there are so many DUI cases. And all around the country, a pattern emerges just before Thanksgiving that leads up into the Christmas and New Year season. In fact, more DUI arrests occur during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

Why Do People Drink So Much During the Holiday Season?

Obviously, increased pressures and stress are often placed on many people during the holiday season. Money is often an issue as are family relationships, and so people drink too much to forget their problems. But it only works for a very short time. Besides getting up and feeling horrible the next day, the chances of getting arrested for a DUI are very high. Not only are arrests through the roof at holiday time, but also the consequences could include severe penalties such as jail time, high fines and the potential risk of putting yourself and others in jeopardy.

Feeling Under Pressure During the Holiday Season

While the holiday season is meant to be festive and fun, it becomes a very dangerous time of the year especially for alcohol-related accidents. Many people don’t realize that they have a low tolerance for alcohol and think they can handle it. They don’t realize how impaired they are after several drinks, and so they don’t stop to think about not drinking and driving. Others want to join in on the fun and attend a number of parties in the same night, often leaving one party in a very inebriated state. Habitual drinkers love the holiday season because they have an excuse to drink and are far more likely to abuse alcohol even more than usual. When compared to occasional drinkers, alcoholics have a higher tolerance for alcohol and therefore drink a lot before the effects show. But once they are inebriated, they don’t realize that they don’t belong on the road.

Make the Holidays Safer

It doesn’t take much to make the holiday safer for everyone and it starts with keeping the consumption of alcohol down to a minimum during the holiday season. As hard as it may seem, resist the pressure to offer alcohol if you’re having a party and tell yourself not to drink if you are attending a party. If you are the host, you can choose to serve something nonalcoholic. Rather than directing guests to the bar, send them to the non-alcoholic table. But if you feel that you must drink or must serve alcohol, here are a few tips for a safer holiday season:

  • Plain and simple, drinking and driving is simply not an option, so designate a driver before you attend a party.
  • Don’t lose sight of the meaning of the holiday. Yes, it’s a time for having fun but the primary purpose of the party is not to get drunk.
  • If you’re going to drink, decide before getting to the party that you’re going to have a minimum amount to drink and then make sure you stick to your decision.
  • Drinking is your responsibility and is always a choice; stop yourself when you realize you’ve gone too far.

Make sure the holiday season is peaceful. If you must drink, do so in moderation. Choose a designated driver and encourage your friends to do the same. Keep uppermost in your mind the reason we celebrate during the holiday season and don’t use it as an excuse to get drunk. The consequences are too severe. Besides, you don’t want to become a holiday statistic.

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