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Getting Straight Answers Regarding The Aftereffects of a DUI

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By StraightDUI Staff on 12/12/2007

We at Straight DUI believe in giving straight answers about various topics related to DUI. Because getting a DUI is a very serious offense, we think straightforward answers to important questions along with the assistance of a good DUI attorney should be easily accessible and available to visitors. For those interested in getting some straight answers about important DUI issues, the following addresses some of the concerns a person may face related to the aftereffects of a DUI.

Aftereffects Related to a DUI

In addition to taking great risk when driving while intoxicated, there are many aftereffects and serious penalties that result from a DUI. One of those consequences involves your insurance company. Whether you tell your insurance company or not, in all likelihood your insurance company will discover that you’ve been accused of a DUI and they will act accordingly. Sometimes insurance policies are cancelled. Other times the rates are so high it’s impossible for a person to pay the insurance. Either way, there will be some impact on your insurance. Other consequences for a person who has been arrested for a DUI is having their license suspended as a result of driving under the influence. And because there are so many repeat offenders, many states are now requiring that Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) are installed as a penalty for drivers convicted of driving under the influence, especially if they are repeat offenders.

As a quick resource, the following are questions and answers often asked related to the aftereffects of a DUI.

  • What are some of the consequences associated with a DUI?

    Besides having insurance rates go sky high, a person convicted of a DUI can be fined heavily, can lose their license and could potentially go to jail.

  • Can a person be turned down for car insurance because of a DUI?

    Most car insurance companies check your driving record, so if you’re applying for a new insurance policy, the insurance company will know if you’ve been accused or arrested for a DUI. If it’s a new policy, most insurance companies will be unwilling to cover you. If you already have insurance with a company, you’ll either face much higher rates or very possibly have your policy cancelled.

  • Do any car insurance companies ever make exceptions for a DUI conviction?

    Most large insurance companies will turn down people who have been arrested for a DUI but there are some car insurance companies that understand that a DUI happens and they are occasionally willing to help higher risk customers but it will be costly.

  • Do insurance companies always know if a person has been arrested for a DUI?

    Sometimes the insurance company doesn’t find out about a DUI conviction. In fact nearly one-quarter of driving convictions never show up on motor vehicle records. This occurs because the communication between courts and the DMV isn’t always as efficient as it should be. Other times a conviction has been erased and so the insurance company doesn’t find out about it. But, if an insurance company misses the conviction and later finds out, it has three years to cancel your policy or raise your rates.

  • Are first DUI offenders ever required to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed on their vehicles?

    More often than not, those who have more than one DUI conviction are required to have Ignition Interlock Devices installed. But today, more and more people who are first offenders are also being ordered to place the IID on their cars.

  • If an Ignition Interlock Device is placed on a person’s car, couldn’t they have someone else start the car?

    As a protection against drunk driving, before the vehicle can be started, the driver must breathe into the device. If the analyzed result is over the blood alcohol concentration, the vehicle simply will not start. To ensure that only the driver is breathing into the Breathalyzer, after the engine has been started, the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) will require another breath sample to keep the driver from letting someone else breathe into the device.

  • What happens if the person’s blood alcohol level is too high when they breathe into the Ignition Interlock Device?

    If the breath sample exceeds the ignition interlock devices blood alcohol level, the device logs the event, warns the driver and then starts up an alarm, which usually includes lights flashing or the horn honking. The noise will continue until the ignition is turned off.

  • Can the Ignition Interlock Device turn off the engine if alcohol is detected?

    No, it cannot turn off the engine, as turning off the engine would create an unsafe driving condition.

  • If a person is arrested for a DUI, are they responsible to pay for the installation of the Ignition Interlock Device?

    The cost of installation, maintenance and calibration are paid by the accused, which usually costs about $75.00 a month.

The overall challenges and consequence one faces when charged with a DUI are high and therefore it’s critically important to speak with a reputable DUI attorney, one that understands your needs and can provide the expertise so vital to such an emotionally charged situation. Before doing or saying anything, if you have been arrested, speak to a drunk driving lawyer so that you know where you stand and what options are available to you. A good dui attorney will explain all the specifics that can keep you from making detrimental mistakes.

About the DUI Attorneys at Straight DUI

The DUI lawyers at Straight DUI do everything they can to help you when it comes to DUI. To get you off, keep your record clean and prevent you from losing your license to drive, we start by believing that you shouldn’t have been arrested, so with that uppermost in our minds, we fight for you. When you place yourself in the hands of the knowledgeable DUI attorneys at, you know you will be treated fairly and will receive the best defense possible. We understand how important a good defense is to your case and so we do everything to protect your rights.Call us at 1 (877) 420-6719 and let us help.

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