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Straight Answers Regarding Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

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By StraightDUI Staff on 12/4/2007

We at Straight DUI believe in giving straight answers about various topics related to DUI. Because getting a DUI is a very serious offense, we therefore believe straightforward answers to important questions along with the assistance of a good DUI attorney should be easily accessible and available to visitors. For those interested in getting some straight answers about important DUI issues, the following addresses some of the concerns a person may face related to Blood Alcohol Content or more commonly referred to as BAC.

How is BAC Measured

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the concentration of alcohol in blood. By way of illustration, a BAC of 0.02% means .2% grams of alcohol per 100 grams of an individual’s blood or 0.2 grams of alcohol per 1000 grams of blood. Generally speaking the number of drinks that are consumed may be used as a measure of BAC but this type of measurement isn’t accurate because of the variations in a person’s physiology or an individual’s tolerance to alcohol. But, it is generally accepted that the consumption of two standard drinks, which contains a total of 20 grams of alcohol will increase the average person’s BAC roughly 0.05%. A single standard drink consumed each hour after the first two will keep the BAC at approximately 0.05%, but variations occur due to body weight, the gender of the person and body fat percentage. Moreover, the BAC or the numbers of drinks consumed are not necessarily exact indicators of the level of impairment. Tolerance to alcohol varies from person to person and results of alcohol depend upon genetics as well as chronic alcohol use.

Straight Answers to Blood Alcohol Content Questions

As a quick resource, the following are questions and answers often asked related to blood alcohol content.

  • Based on BAC levels, what constitutes serious intoxication?

    Unless a person has developed a high tolerance to alcohol, a BAC rating of 0.20 represents very serious intoxication. For the majority of first-time drinkers, 0.15 would render a person unconscious while 0.35 represents potentially fatal alcohol poisoning. 0.40 is considered a lethal dose for nearly half of all adult human beings.

  • Can someone survive higher numbers than 0.40?

    In some extreme cases, some individuals have survived BACs as high as 0.914

  • How does a law enforcement officer investigate the level of BAC?

    Most commonly, law enforcement investigates BAC by estimations from breath alcohol concentration measured with a machine referred to as a Breathalyzer or blood test.

  • Do different ways of drinking affect BAC?

    Yes. How much alcohol is consumed, how fast you drink and the body size affect levels of BAC. For example, the quicker a person drinks, the higher his or her peak BAC will be.

  • Does a man or woman’s blood alcohol level escalate faster than the other?

    Women reach higher BACs faster because they have less water in their bodies and more fat tissue, which is not easily penetrated by alcohol. With all other factors being equal if men and woman are both drinking the same amount of alcohol, hers will have a higher BAC level.

  • If you’ve eaten food prior to drinking, does it affect BAC?

    When there’s food in the stomach, alcohol is absorbed more slowly into the blood stream. The BAC rises more rapidly when a person drinks on an empty stomach, primarily because there is no food in which to dilute the alcohol.

  • Does it make any difference what type of mixer you use in a drink?

    Water and fruit juice mixed with alcohol may slow the absorption process, while carbonated beverages speed it up.

  • Are Blood Alcohol Calculators one hundred percent accurate?

    No. Blood/breath alcohol calculators are not 100% accurate. Given the fact that different factors affect consumption and burn off reduction, there is no blood alcohol calculator this is 100% accurate. All tests give only a rough estimate of the BAC level.

  • Do all state laws have the same guidelines regarding blood tests?

    Each state has its own guidelines and therefore each dictates how and by whom a blood test is taken, transported, preserved, secured and analyzed. Different laws in different states govern the collecting and testing of substances taken from a person’s body and each determines the proper methods implemented.

  • If your blood alcohol content is high enough to be arrested, should you call an attorney?

    Absolutely. A good DUI attorney does everything to help a client keep their records clean and prevent an individual from losing their license to drive. A good DUI attorney will also fight for their clients, making sure they receive the best defense.

  • Can alcohol produce positive or negative feelings?

    Alcohol can produce a positive, relaxed overall feeling initially, but it also can produce a series of negative feelings. A lot of people incorrectly assume that the more alcohol they consume, the better they will feel. That isn’t the case. There is a point called the point of diminishing returns, when the “happy” feeling one gets in the early stages of drinking passes and it does not increase with more alcohol but instead is guaranteed to cause the BAC to go up. In addition it can lead to negative effects such as fatigue, impaired sexual performance, inappropriate social responses and behavior and/or over-expressed emotions.

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